Study in Australia 2020 – How To Apply For Visa – Study in Australia 2020

Study in Australia 2020 – How To Apply For Visa


As per the UN survey, Australia is the second-best country globally. It is not only a great
place for tourists but students. The country has enthralled landforms and a breathtaking
panoramic view, and its riches in culture. The great southern land is well known for its first-
rate civil safety laws. In addition, the citizens are quite friendly too. Despite all the aesthetic
talk, it is enlisted as the colloquially known country for its educational reforms and facilities.
Australia lies among the most popular countries globally, with the highest international
students. On that account, Australian universities are also best reputed for the A1
educational system. Coming to the subject matter, this will be worthwhile to consider an
academic degree from any prestigious Australian university. We will help you with it if you
consider getting one. In this article, you'll find an in-depth guide regarding admission to the
top-notch universities in Australia. Dig into the details mentioned next.
Steps to apply for a study visa in Australia

Do you want to study in Australia? Are you going to apply for an Australian study visa and
also confused about the paperwork? Please don't panic, and we are here to let you out of
this hassle. We have come up with a detailed procedure for applying for the visa. Scroll
down for more info.
1. File an admission application to any Australian university:
First, apply to any Australian university where you want to study. If you haven't decided yet,
then immediately consider one. There are a lot of top-ranked universities in Australia offering
a plethora of degree programs.
The phenomenal ones are enlisted here.
■ University of Melbourne
■ The University of Sydney
■ The Australian National University, Canberra
■ The University of New South Wales, Kensington
■ Monash University, Melbourne
■ The University of Queensland, Brisbane
■ The University of Western Australia, Perth
■ The University of Adelaide,
■ University of Technology Sydney

After registering for admission, the university will send you an acceptance letter. This
admission letter is of high importance while applying for a visa.
2. Get your student visa:

Other than New Zealand nationals, all the international students need a student visa to stay
in Australia. On that account, you must apply for it. The visa application requires substantial
time to proceed. In addition, it also depends on your nationality. If you have appropriate
documents and a duly signed admittance form, you'll receive your visa in no time. As a
result, file your student visa application if you get the university acceptance letter.
3. Australian work visa:
The student visa validates the international students to work along with studying. In
Australia, various part-time jobs are available for students. The average work rate for
students is 20 hours per week and full-fledged holidays. The applicants can also earn their
livelihood while studying in Australia. The graduates and post-researchers are offered the
workstream for three years and four years of working tenure.
4. Online Visa application submission:

Before applying for the Australian visa, carefully review the application contemplates. To do
so, visit the official website and fill out the online visa application form. Meanwhile, you'll also
get to know the requisites for getting a visa. Afterward, the officials will proceed with your
application in the following ways:
 Visa interview
 Appear in the biometric testing
 Clarify your medical condition
 A shred of authentic evidence for no criminal record

Educational requirements to study in Australia:
The minimum education needed to apply for study in Australia is dependable on which
program you sought after. Different universities have different education eligibility criteria for
admissions. Whether you're going to apply for undergraduate programs or postgraduate
fellowships, carefully go through the eligibility requirements. Spare a moment to read the
instructions below.
1. UG admission criteria:
Australian educational institutes offer admissions for international undergraduate applicants
to fulfill the following approval conditions.
● Candidates must have completed their high school or higher secondary education
before applying to the undergraduate admissions.
● With at least a 60% score in the senior secondary school examination, the
applicant must be 17 years old before the commencement of classes.
● The national senior certification should also include exceptional English speaking
and learning abilities.

2. Masters’ admission requirements:

Masters’ applicants are subject to having a higher education experience. Also, the fellowship
admission aspirants must comply with the given directions to fit the admission policy.
 The candidates pursuing Masters in Australia should have 15 years of academic
 The qualification should be up to any undergraduate certification like bachelor's
degree, graduate, and honors degree with remarkable scores.
 GMAT scores or English language testing results must be above the average scoring
 Furthermore, any diploma holder with advanced subject selection can also apply for
study in Australia.
3. Postgraduate academic requirements:
Candidates looking to complete a postgraduate degree need to have a broad range of
educational backgrounds.
Check out the details given here.
■ The research program aspirants should have an honors degree with a big score
or percentage.
■ Applicants can also apply for post-graduation with a master's degree aided with a
research component.
■ Besides, having an equivalent education degree from a valid university or
research school is also applicable for admission.

Language testing scores:
Among all the languages, the English language has many native speakers. Furthermore, it is
also the national language in Australia. Not only that, but all Australian educational institutes
also ask the applications to provide English fluency proof. It would help if you had a good
score in the English proficiency assessment. Moreover, you can also appear in any
internationally acknowledged test.

Any IELTS prototype is acceptable for admittance to Australian universities. Additionally,
General IELTS with a 6.5 band score is the criteria for postgraduate applicants. Meanwhile,
the UG students must have a 6.0 score in IELTS.
● Toefl iBT:
This language test is valid for many countries' visas. The applicants must have passed the
Toefl for studying in Australian universities. Usually, it is divided into writing, speaking,
reading, and listening. The best score for this English proficiency assessment is up to 100;
however, 90 score marks will be sufficient for admission.

Another important assessment to study in Australia is the Graduate Management Admission
Test, i.e., GMAT. The GMAT plays a key role if you want to pursue management studies or
MBA in any Australian business school or university. The minimum score for this test is
nearly 590. Moreover, the 600-800 GMAT score is considered the highest.
● PTE Academic Test:
It is also known as the Pearson Test of English Academics. It is easy-going among all the
English language proficiency tests for Australian visas. The bare minimum score for this test
is almost 42. yet, some universities also require a good PTE score, i.e., 65. This test
includes PTE-A writing, reading, and many more.
● Cambridge English Advanced:
The C1 advanced English test is an assessment to examine the in-depth knowledge of the
English language. Many top-notch Australian institutes ask for the CAE testing results in the
applicant's documents. An average score of 162-169 is suitable for admission. Furthermore,
176 scorers are preferred during the application process.
Required Documents:
To apply to study in Australia, you must have the proper documentation. Following that,
completely verify your paperwork too. These credentials are subject to be checked and
submitted to Australian officials. Here is a list of all essential proofs and credentials required
when admission to the Australian university.
Keep reading the description below.
● Offense verification record
● Australian based medical insurance
● Proof of paid visa fee
● English language fluency verification like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
● Evidence of enrollment in the university, i.e., admission letter
● Duly filled application form
● An authentic passport along with a copy
● A valid GTE statement, i.e., Genuine Temporary Entrant
● Financial solvency proof as you can bear your education funds, including tuition fees,
living expenses, and transportation.
If you're a minor, you must prepare some supporting documents, including the guardian or
family consent. All requisite documents should submit six weeks before the commencement
of classes. In case of any delay from the due submission, your admission may call off.
Consequently, thoroughly check the identity papers and visa application before filing the
admission application.

Summing up the whole discussion, we are aware of the worth of studying in Australia. As the
admission session starts, many students apply to get the university acceptance letter every
year. The admission procedure requires a visa, passport, and related documents for non-
Australian nationals. If you are also going to study in the rich ethnic aura, comply with all the
given instructions.
The most important is the self-finance proof, which shows you can easily afford the
university and traveling fees. For that, you must have a bare minimum of 62,222 AUD.
Although Australian universities offer scholarships, financial aid, and fellowships, financial
resource proof is mandatory. The long and short of it, for studying in the great Australian
universities, one must fit the criteria wholly.

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